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Orthopedic shoe manufacturer

Forelli is an orthopedic shoe manufacturer in Turkey. It started shoe manufacturing in Gedikpaşa in 1958 by producing Women’s leather shoes and it now specialises in producing Comfortable Orthopedic footwear made of high quality leather and materials.

Boots, Orthopedic Shoes and Orthopedic Sandals Models for Women

Many people need comfortable shoes in all areas of life. At this point, orthopedic shoes come into play. Orthopedic shoes produced using leather materials greatly relieve the body’s burden on the feet. Our website includes orthopedic shoes, boots, sandals and slippers for men and women of all ages. In this regard, you can choose from different shoes according to seasonal conditions and your area of ​​use.  There are many designs of women’s orthopedic shoes that are suitable for both social and business life  .

  • Forelli Grey/White Nubuck Orthopedic Comfort Sneakers

  • Forelli Black Orthopedic Comfort Sneakers

  • Forelli Beige Nubuck Orthopedic Comfort Sneakers

  • Forelli Grey Nubuck Orthopedic Comfort Sneakers

The Best Orthopedic Shoes for Every Style

The health of the feet, which bear the burden of the body throughout the day, is extremely important. For this reason, many people prefer to be careful and meticulous when choosing shoes. At the same time, purchasing a quality shoe can be considered as an investment for the users’ foot health. Made from high quality materials, these shoes can be used safely for many years thanks to their durable structure. Our brand creates orthopedic shoe designs by prioritizing the foot health and comfort of the users. At this point, it is necessary to answer the question of what orthopedic shoes are. Orthopedic shoes that come to mind when comfortable shoes are mentioned are shoes produced in accordance with the anatomical structure of the foot. The answer to the question of what orthopedic shoes are for is quite comprehensive. Orthopedic shoe types, By supporting the bearing points of the foot, it distributes the pressure of the body weight on the foot and ensures that the ideal posture of the spine is maintained. In this way, even when you are on your feet all day long, thanks to these types of shoes, you will not experience pain or ache in your feet. However, orthopedic style shoes have many other benefits. Among the benefits of orthopedic shoes produced using natural materials; The supports on the toe and heel parts of the shoes come to the fore. At the same time, shoes help your feet breathe during the day thanks to their breathable structure. Another benefit of orthopedic shoes is that they have a comfortable structure. Moreover, thanks to our brand’s full range of orthopedic shoes, bone curvature, nerve compression, deformity of the thumbs, You can prevent various health problems that may occur on your feet, such as heel spurs and fungus. In addition, the anatomical shoe models on our website have stylish designs that appeal to every style. You can browse our website for orthopedic shoe models with comfortable and stylish designs and purchase the options you need with an advantageous price guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Versatile
  • Broad range of Trainers, shoes and boots
  • Comfortable
  • Fantastic Soft Leathers available as well as Vegan Materials
  • Available in Oversizes for women EU 43, 44, 45 and UK 9, 9.5, 10.5.

Find stunning footwear in big sizes for women in 9-12 UK, 43-46 EU and 11-14 US here at Cinderella Shoes including a wide range from the FORELLI brand. There are so many styles to choose from  in trainers in lots of colourways to shop, meaning you will find a pair to match any of your outfits. There is even a range of heel heights available, so you will be spoilt for choice.

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