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Handmade quality traditional shoes

Since 1996 our company has its headquarters and operates in modern facilities at Biotechnical Park, Chania-Crete.

Our main concern is the manufacture of handmade quality traditional shoes (sandals) made of genuine leather and other materials, friendly to the environment. We use skins from Greek and imported calves, all processed in Greece, and mainly in Chania by locals using ecologically friendly methods.

Traditional Greek sandals

Mr Nikitas Glaritis at the age of 9 started learning the art of making shoes for women and men.

Our company for handcrafted quality traditional Greek sandals, has been in its present form since 1984.

Owner and production manager, mr Nikitas Glaritis has an experience in the manufacture of handmade footwear for more than 60 years.

  • Glaritis Classic Black Minimalist Sandals

  • Glaritis Pretty Pink Diamante Sandals

  • Glaritis Pretty Rose Gold Sandals

  • Glaritis Chic White Leather Sandals

True style never dies…

The history of the legendary Mustang brand began in Germany in 1932. Mustang shoes offer a broad variety of Women’s Shoes that reflects the typical style of the brand in every detail while maintaining classic elements characteristic for the brand with a logo of a wild mustang. It combines timeless classics with fashion trends to create original models. Thanks to Mustang shoes you can confirm your uniqueness and independence. A team of designers combines timeless classics with the newest trends, thus creating original projects. The Mustang advertising slogan says it all: “True style never dies…”. Currently the Mustang offers Women’s shoes and the main types of shoes produced are shoes, booties, cowboy boots and sneakers. 

Cinderella Shoe’s store offers a wide range of Mustang shoes in large sizes for women. The Mustang brand has symbolized the freedom of the American “Wild West” and each Mustang shoe reflects the typical classic and individual style of this brand. Thanks to Mustang shoes you can confirm your uniqueness and individual style.They were born from real passion of designers creating innovative and inventive shoe projects. They are characterized most of all by a style which cannot be mistaken by any other. Mustang Women’s shoes are characterized by a fondness for detail which makes them find fans all over the world. An exceptional line of shoes is created in many ways and thus forms a broad collection.

Mustang shoes are highly comfortable to wear, havean inventive design which is created with a combination of natural and synthetic materials – eco-friendly leather. The Mustang brand is a combination of everyday elegance and worldwide fashion trends. It is only up to you which models you will choose. A wide offer of women’s and men’s clothing in an interesting color combination will make you not want to remain with one pair.

Key Features:

  • Versatile
  • Broad range of Trainers, shoes and boots
  • Comfortable
  • Fantastic Soft Leathers available as well as Vegan Materials
  • Available in Oversizes for women EU 43, 44, 45 and UK 9, 9.5, 10.5.

Find stunning footwear in big sizes for women in 9-12 UK, 43-46 EU and 11-14 US here at Cinderella Shoes including a wide range from the GLARITIS​ brand. There are so many styles to choose from  including sandals in lots of colourways to shop, meaning you will find a pair to match any of your outfits. There is even a range of heel heights available, so you will be spoilt for choice.

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